“Firefighters don’t do the job for the money”

Some firefighters are volunteers and do the job for no pay at all!

Firefighters do the work others cant or wont do.  We save lives and property.  We show up on the worst days of peoples lives and do everything we can to make that day better.

We don’t do it for the money, we do it because it is a calling and we are good at it!

There is a cultural assumption that as  firefighters we will never become wealthy (by any of the definitions of wealth). Professional firefighters trade time for money at the firehouse, training and running calls. Firefighting is a calling but it’s also the job we do to provide food, shelter and clothing for our families.  

Being a firefighter should mean pride, and success!  It should mean a family at home that is secure in their financial future!

Being a firefighter should not mean doing without and should not mean a humble retirement.  It should not mean constant overtime and second/third jobs just to make ends meet!

Becoming a wealthy firefighter does not require an increase in income, that just allows it to happen faster.  The trick to building wealth is taking charge of the money you have!  It sounds overly simple but it’s a fact!  

The reason firefighters don’t become wealthy is not because they don’t make enough.  The reason firefighters do not become wealthy is because they spend all of the money they make.

Making more money helps no one if you spend it all!  Working extra jobs and hours to earn more also takes time away from your family and time away from doing the things that you love in life!  Working outside of the fire station because you need to “make ends meet” can also prevent you from bringing your A-game when you report to shift.   

Living with a financial plan (budget), spending less than you make, becoming debt free,  and saving/investing is the proven process to build wealth on any income.  It’s not hard to do but it requires a plan and effort.  It requires work and commitment.

It can be done.

There is a cultural assumption that as a firefighters we will never become wealthy.  THIS ASSUMPTION IS WRONG!  We can change it.  We can change it by setting an example for those around us.  If one guy in each firehouse changes his financial future for the better and then shares what he/she did to make it happen with others it will create a movement.   No-one wants to live broke and in debt!  Become the example, share what you did, LEAD!

Others will follow.

Take charge of the money you make now to create a bright financial future!  Develop financial strength!

Do it for your your families, do it for yourself, do it to set an example for those you protect and serve with.

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